Program structure

The first thing you will need to learn is how to say Lisboa (the Portuguese way to say Lisbon, our Capital), after that we can move to “Olá” which means hello and then “Então, tá tudo?”.

After the Opening Ceremony, which will take place in Lisboa on July 25, 2025, Participants and Tribe Advisers will be heading to their respective Paths and all the remaining IST and CMT will travel to the Main Camp.

Here is when you start to Engage with others!

From July 25 to July 29, all Participants will take the most out of the experience of living in a local community, Engaging with others and deep diving into our Portuguese culture in an international team.

During July 30, your Tribe will be traveling to the Main Camp, where we will be expecting you to bring all the experiences you have collected in your Paths and you so much desire to share with all the other Participants.

From July 31 till August 2rd you will have many opportunities to know more about our traditions and crafts. Also, you will share your experiences and bring the flavors and sounds from your home countries to share with everyone.

August 3rd will be our last day together. We will meet the beautiful city of Porto where you will get to live the vibrant atmosphere of the people there and we will mix with the urban crossways of the city, its unique culture and traditions.












Portugal deepdive


Main Camp


Opening ceremony

Travel to path





Main Camp setup



Interna- tional

Porto Experience

Closing ceremony

The Path Experience

We aim to provide you the best Path experience. We also want to provide the Participants with the opportunity to develop their personal skills in creating and managing a project with people from different countries.

For that, we will launch a call for projects regarding the paths, including the necessary content to be in the projects (rules of procedure). Everyone can apply for this call with a project which will be reviewed by our planning team.

To apply for a project, you need to set up a Path Planning Team (PPT), formed by no more than 4 rovers or young leaders, with a maximum of 2 from the same country.

After meeting all the requirements, the projects will be presented on our website for all the interested rovers and young leaders to select the paths which will be then prepared by each of the PPTs.

Remember, you need to be a Participant to become a member of the PPT. If you are an IST, your chance to participate in the Path will only be possible if you are selected as a Tribe Adviser.