About the Moot

How to participate

There are different forms on how Scouts can participate in the 16th World Scout Moot, taking into consideration age, level of involvement and structure of each National Contingent.


Age: born between 26/07/1999 and 25/07/2007

Attending a World Scout Moot provides participants with a unique opportunity to connect with the global Scout community, build lifelong friendships, and contribute to the spirit of international Scouting. The Moot is usually held every four years, and its location rotates among different countries, providing participants with the chance to explore different parts of the world.

Path leader

Age: born between 26/07/1999 and 25/07/2007

Also a participant but with the responsibility of designing their own paths project and by preparing it with Scouts from different countries.

We will have around 100 Paths with 40/50 participants spread across the entire territory of Portugal including our archipelagos – Madeira and Azores.

Participation fee significantly reduced for Path Leader.

International Service Team (IST)

Age: born before 26/07/1999

In the context of Scouting, the International Service Team (IST) refers to a group of volunteers and staff members who work together to support and facilitate the smooth functioning of international Scout events.

The International Service Team plays a crucial role in providing various services and assistance during these events. Their responsibilities may include logistical support, helping with program activities, managing camp facilities, providing translation services, and ensuring the overall well-being and safety of participants. IST members contribute their time and skills to create a positive and inclusive atmosphere for everyone involved in the international Scouting event.

IST members are typically drawn from a diverse range of backgrounds and countries, reflecting the global nature of Scouting. They often wear distinctive uniforms or identifiers to distinguish them from participants and are an essential part of the collaborative and cooperative spirit that characterizes international Scouting events.

Contingent Management Team (CMT)

Age: Age: born before 26/07/1999

A Contingent Management Team (CMT) is responsible for the overall coordination, planning, and management of a contingent’s participation.

Members of the Contingent Management Team are typically experienced Scout leaders and volunteers who have demonstrated leadership skills and a strong commitment to the values of Scouting. They play a crucial role in ensuring that the contingent has a positive and enriching experience during the international Scouting event.

The second thing you need to do is to seek information from your National Scout Organization about how you can participate in your contingent.