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We’re on the lookout for dedicated volunteers to lend their talents and enthusiasm across various roles.
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Explore the detailed list with the various available roles.

Available Roles

  • Interaction Team (Main Camp Activities Team)
  • Risk Management (Main Camp Activities Team)
  • Crisis Management (Communications Team)
  • Contingent Support Team
  • Risk & Crisis Team 
  • Sustainability Team 
  • Infrastructure Team 
  • Safe from Harm Report Team
  • Safe from Harm Trainer
  • Safe from Harm Listening Hear 
  • Sub-camp IST’s Team
  • Programme IST’s Team
  • Allocation IST’s Team
  • Training IST’s Team
  • Adviser to the Head of Paths (AHoP)
  • Risk Manager (Programme)
  • Safety Team (Safety and Healthcare)
  • Security Team (Safety and Healthcare)
  • Health Team (Safety and Healthcare)


World Scout Moot 2025 is being developed by an organization team with several working teams. One of them is the Communication and Promotion team. The ambassadors will be part of this team and they’ll receive the necessary tools for their work.


World Scout Moot ambassadors are the image of the event in their NSOs and other entities where they’ll be developing their tasks. The expected profile of an ambassador is as follows:

  • Age between 18 and 25 years;
  • Be able to speak fluent English, and possibly French and/or Spanish;
  • Be a good communicator for external audiences;
  • Have a good internet connection;
  • Knowledge of social media and digital tools;
  • Be able to participate in promotion events of World Scout Moot live and/or online;
  • Be a good example of living the Scout Law and Promise;
  • Be able to develop good personal relationships and be able to communicate with different audiences;
  • Know the proposal of the World Scout Moot 2025 project and be able to convey it in a clear and precise way;

Description of activities

Ambassadors are responsible for:

  • Disseminate World Scout Moot in their NSOs and in several events of the different Scout Regions;
  • Represent the World Scout Moot promotion team;
  • Prepare and execute presentations, set up stands and distribute merchandising;
  • Participate in the making of the promotion plans;