All around the world, increasing challenges arise for our communities. The new technology outburst poses as much as an opportunity as an immense threat.

Jobs as we know them are quickly disappearing. By 2030, more than half of the current jobs will no longer exist. At the same time, natural resources depletion is deepening, and energy consumption is spiking. All these changes are placing a huge pressure on present communities.

A growing need for digital adaptation, mobility and sustainable development poses challenges to our governments, schools and overall population. New skills need to be developed. Soft skills and social competencies are of increasing importance and need to be developed and integrated in our daily life. Young people will be the core of this change and will face challenges never imagined.

How can we prepare our youth? We believe young people need to be active builders of their own destiny, they need to choose wisely and to be prepared to engage in very new challenges, and change the world. We want our Rovers to know they have the power to change their communities and have an impact on their daily lives!

We want our Rovers to have an active role in building their Moot, choosing their own paths and deciding how they want to change a community and how they want to impact our world.

The Motto

First, get engaged! Commit yourself to this urge to become more active in your local community – engage with your family, school, friends, Scout group, workplace, city, country… Find out what you would like to change, start dreaming! Accept the challenge to create and shape the Moot by sharing your idea of a project!

Second, engage others! Gather your friends! Bring fellow Scouts to your project, make them passionate and create a community!

Third, engage with others! Find out what challenges the communities around you are facing. Together with your fellow Scouts, develop a project that tackles these challenges!